Anthem – Llinos mai
Wales Millennium Centre – July 2022

Anthem by/gan Llinos Mai

Four regions. Four songs. One prize. With the land of song judging from their sofas, who will come out on top?

Join us in the studio for the live final of Anthem, the nation’s biggest TV singing competition. There will be wind machines. There will be key changes. There will be plenty of arguments on Twitter.

Watch the drama and hilarity unfold – both on and off air – as the finalists from every corner of Wales get ready to compete to bring the title home. Are they longing for fame? Acceptance? Or just another trophy for Mam’s dresser?

This new Welsh language musical comedy will leave a smile on your face long after the last note has been sung.

Written by/Ysgrifennwyd gan
Llinos Mai
Composed by/Cyfansoddwyd gan
Llinos Mai and/a Dan Lawrence

Alice Eklund
Set Designer/Dylunydd Set
Jacob Hughes
Costume Designer/Dylunydd Gwisg
Delyth Evans
Lighting Designer/Dylunydd Golau
Katy Morison
Sound Designer/Dylunydd Sain
Tic Ashfield 
Video Designer/Dylunydd Fideo
Zsolt Balogh 
Movement Director/Cyfarwyddwr Symud
Sundeep Saini
Assistant Director/MD/Cyfarwyddwr/Cyfarwyddwr Canu Cynorthwyyol
Juliette Manon
Costume Design Assistant/Cynorthwyyd Dylunydd Gwisg
Aled Wyn Williams
Roger Williams

Company Stage Manager/Rheolwr Llwyfan Y Cwmni
Emily Walls
Deputy Stage Manager/Dirprwy Reolwr Llwyfan
Alys Robinson
Assistant Stage Manager/Rheolwr Llwyfan Gynorthwyol
Eilir Gwyn

Iestyn Arwel
Lily Beau Conway
Gareth Elis
Leilah Hughes
Rhian Morgan
Gwydion Rhys
Rhys ap Trefor

VT Director/Cyfarwyddwr Fideo
Carys Lewis
VT Director of Photography/Cyfarwyddwr Ffotograffiaeth Fideo
Aled Jenkins
VT Assistant Director/Cyfarwyddwr Fideo Cynorthwyyol
Amelia Mundy
VT Assistant Camera/Cynorthwyydd Camera
Gruff Edwards
VT Costume Designer/Dylunydd Gwisgoedd Fideo
Delyth Evans
VT Costume Assistant/Cynorthwyydd Gwisgoedd Fideo
Aled Wyn Williams
VT Art Director/Cyfarwyddwr Celf Fideo
Cerys Lewis
VT Assistant Production Designer/Dylunydd Cynhyrchu Cynorthwyyol Fideo
Lauren Pate
VT Lighting/Goleuo Fideo
Firebug Lighting
VT Gaffer/Prif Drydanwr Oleuo Fideo
Jonathan McLaughlin & David Ozkoidi
VT Spark/Trydanwr Fideo
Oliver Biggs
VT Lighting Trainee/Goleuwr Fideo dan Hyfforddiant
Josh Stone
VT Sound Mixer/Cymysgwr Sain Fideo
Deian Humphreys
VT Boom Operator/Genweiriwr Fideo
Chris Goding
VT Head of Makeup and Wigs/Pennaeth Colur a Wigiau Fideo
Julie Fox
VT Makeup and Wigs Assistant/Cynorthwyydd Colur a Wigiau Fideo
Poppy Staples & Sara Dale

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