The Violence Series – Tour

This January (into February), I had the incredible opportunity to continue working on the Violence Series at The Other Room as they geared up for their tour to London and across Wales. I had already worked on Hela by Mari Izzard (The Stage Debut Writing Nominee) back in November, so I was READY to get back to this amazing season.
During rehearsals, I mainly worked on Hela and reworking the subtitles that we had made for its original run. Working on a bilingual show is massively rewarding as much as it is challenging. As a team we needed to ensure that the access that we gave to the audience was the right kind, knowing it was headed to London and then across Wales. Being back in the rehearsal room was just brilliant, Dan Jones (Director of Hela and Artistic Director of The Other Room) gave me the opportunity to oversee some rehearsals whilst he was busy with tour logistics, so I got the opportunity to work through the scenes to ensure we were still maintaining the quality and clarity we had in our previous run. Kev McCurdy, Fight Director Extraordinaire came back for a session which is just so intriguing to watch. With Hela being such a violence heavy show (who’d have thought it in The Violence Series eh?), getting to rework and master each choreographed kick, flick, lick and uh.. well.. the other super cool serious moment that I won’t spoil for you, was just thrilling. Kev is a master when it comes to Fight Choreography, and for someone so gentle mannered you wouldn’t believe what he can get on a stage.
Getting to be back in the room with the team was definitely my biggest highlight. Mari and Lowri Izzard are just the best double act and you can’t help but be in awe of them, if you’re not in fits of laughter or puddles of tears. Gwydion Rhys is so dedicated to his parts and one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with, having gone through it during this season, he always manages to have a smile on his face. Theo Hung as the Stage Manager was always a delight, from start to finish. His dedication to work predominantly in Welsh was just wonderful.
Getting to take not only three wonderful plays, but introduce a gritty, dark bilingual show to a London audience was so incredible. We had sell-out nights, amazing audiences and such a wonderful welcome from the London theatre scene and all at Theatre503. Taking the show on the road and getting to set it up and run tech rehearsals in two other venues was an experience that doesn’t come around too often for an Assistant Director. I’m incredibly grateful to Dan and George (Producer at TOR) for giving me the chance to thrive in a new environment. Heading back to Aberystwyth to Arad Goch (a theatre I’d performed in during my time in university) then onto Pontio in Bangor gave me the opportunity to not only set up and note the shows in wonderful venues, but also let me work bilingually. Getting the chance to work in Welsh excites me whether it’s in a rehearsal room, making a call or simply getting a coffee.
I look forward to more opportunities to not only tour shows, but to work bilingually in and outside of Wales.

The Violence Season:
Hela by Mari Izzard, American Nightmare by Matthew Bulgo & The Story by Tess Berry-Hart.
Directors: Dan Jones, Sara Lloyd & David Mercatali
Cast: Lowri Izzard, Gwydion Rhys, Ruth Ollman, Christopher Gordon, Hannah McPake & Siwan Morris
Tour Stage Managers: Theo Hung (SM), Cara Hood (TSM) & Naomi Underwood (ASM)
Lighting Designer: Katy Morrison
Sound Designer & Composer: Tic Ashfield
Set & Costume Designer: Delyth Evans
A/V Design: Simon Clode
Production Manager: Rhys Williams